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do 30 czerwca 2013
Nadsyłanie propozycji tematów oraz formularzy prelegentów

11 lipca 2013

Spotkanie komisj merytorycznej - wybór prelegentów

do 20 sierpnia 2013
Nadsyłanie artykułów do publikacji zgodnych z wytycznymi

15 czerwca - 31 października 2013 Rejestracja on-line uczestników, opłaty

6-7 listopada 2013
Konferencja - Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton w Łodzi
Lomonosov Moscow State University

Doctor of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow State University Professor is the author of a number of conceptual works in tourism geography and economy and the initiator of new interdisciplinary researches in the field of tourism. She gave a scientific justification for cyclically-wave nature of tourism development at global and regional scales using modern methods of mathematical statistics. One of the first in Russia to develop theoretical and methodological foundations for tourism clusters arrangement. She heads new interdisciplinary studies in tourism limology (border studies). An author of more than 100 works on tourism including 3 monographs, 2 reprinted textbooks and more than 60 articles in Russian, English, French, Polish, Serbian, etc. Her researches have found practical application in national tourism development doctrine of Russia. She has been repeatedly invited to lecture in a number of European universities.

Modern Forms of Cultural Tourism Organization in Moscow

In recent years Moscow has been actively reforming and gradually becomes favourable for tourism, cultural tourism primarily. Tourism infrastructure growth, new series of events, realization of innovative projects on leisure and travel and creation of a new image of the city corresponding to its real tourism opportunities – all these make Moscow one of the most rapidly developing tourist destinations in Europe according TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice 2012.





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