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do 30 czerwca 2013
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11 lipca 2013

Spotkanie komisj merytorycznej - wybór prelegentów

do 20 sierpnia 2013
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15 czerwca - 31 października 2013 Rejestracja on-line uczestników, opłaty

6-7 listopada 2013
Konferencja - Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton w Łodzi
Conference "CULTURE AND TOURISM – Meeting Places"
06 - 07 November 2013, Lodz, Poland

Place: The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Łódź
ul. Łąkowa 29
90-544 Łódź

Conference ”Culture and Tourism – Meeting Places” is a continuation of the highly successful Culture and Tourism Conference series hosted by Tourist Organization of Lodz Region. Previous conferences have been held annually (apart from 2007) as follows:
  • ”Culture and Tourism, together or separately” 2006
  • ”Culture and Tourism, together, how to develop?” 2008
  • ”Culture and Tourism, together, but how to make a profits” 2009
  • ”Culture and Tourism, together into the future” 2010
  • “Culture and Tourism, common route” 2011
  • “Culture and Tourism, common roots” 2012

The main objectives of these events, were to examine the growing relationship between tourism and culture, and the way in which they have together became major drivers of destination attractiveness and competitiveness. It was also essential to provide a forum for the participants to explore and discuss issues in the topics on culture, tourism business and city marketing.

This year’s title of the conference refers to specific places which attract tourists as well as culture lovers. They include cultural heritage objects, monuments, historical objects, and objects listed by UNESCO. Many of them are under conservator care and are used by cultural institutions, i.e. museums, galleries, or community centres. Meeting places also include objects which are constructed nowadays, i.e. scientific centres which promote knowledge and expertise or entertainment places visited by people at all ages and with various needs. Identification of places where tourists meet directly with culture will be the main purpose of the conference. Other important elements will include a discussion and an exchange of opinions on efficient creation of an attractive, safe, and friendly space for meetings, one which forms favourable conditions for enriching emotions and experiences of tourists in their contacts with culture.

During the conference, a detailed analysis will include, most of all, the following issues:
  • treasures of the Polish cultural heritage (objects and areas listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites, Monuments of the History of the Polish Nation),
  • industrial objects, cultural institutions in industrial objects, objects listed by TICCIH,
  • traditional heritage attractions: museums, galleries, theatres, opera houses etc.,
  • new attractions for visitors: pseudo-museums, entertainment parks, commercial-entertainment centres, sports attractions, science and technology centres etc.

The conference will include:

1. A plenary session and a lecture session with lectures on the following issues:
  • motives, needs, and requirements of cultural tourists,
  • modern forms of making cultural heritage objects available for tourism (opportunities and risks of mass tourism for the heritage),
  • attendance in tourist attractions (attendance levels, seasonal character, dynamics, influence range, characteristics of visitors),
  • culture as an element of a greater tourist product of an area/of tour-operators,
  • promotion, information, and interpretation of the heritage,
  • methods of examination and assessment of attractions for visitors.
2. Discussion concerning “old” and “new” attractions – competition or coexistence?

The discussion may be inspired by the following questions: Do new attractions “kill” the old ones? Do they always offer worthless entertainment for less-demanding clients? Is cooperation possible between traditional cultural institutions and new attractions? What can we learn from our competition?

3. Workshops, which are an opportunity to exchange experiences and improve practical skills in creating and promoting tourist products, site marketing, and modern management of cultural and tourist institutions. During the planned edition, the central themes of the workshops will include:
  • Effective management of tourist attractions
  • Cooperation of cultural institutions with the tourism industry – how to overcome mutual prejudices?

For more information and registration please contact conference office:

Ms. Michalina Ziemniewicz (mziemniewicz@rotwl.pl)
Tourism Organization of Lodz Region
67 Sienkiewicza Street, 90-009 Lodz, Poland
tel. (+48) 42 663 77 33, fax: (+48) 42 662 09 72




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